The EDGE Sports Fitness

Train in an athletic environment to develop life enhancing skills that will improve performance, help prevent injuries and promote longevity.  Proven results for your SPEED, STRENGTH & AGILITY!!  Whether you are an athlete trying to take your game to the next level or an adult trying to improve your fitness level, EDGE Sports Fitness offers a training program for you!
To help improve your results... We offer training Year-Round
(Pre-season / In-season / Mornings / Evenings / Teams / Small groups / 1-on-1)
THERE IS "NO OFF-SEASON!"   Just ask these athletes...

Sports Performance Training

Individual, team mate, small group and team Sports Performance Training to improve:


Athletes are trained by collegiate & pro experienced coaches.  Want results like the Pro's?  Then train with the Pro's!
Adult Fitness Training

Individual, team mate and small group Fitness Training to help you:


Group fitness classes / 1-on-1 training
Indoors / Mornings & evenings
No gym contracts / Always a new routine
Motivating environment / Results driven
Challenging for ANY and ALL fitness levels.

For more information please call us at (940) 391-3711 or Email:
13816 Santa Fe Crossing Dr., Edmond, OK  73013             (940) 391-3711
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Current & up-coming camps, clinics, training, events...
The Dixon Triplets (Wrestlers at OU)
Kentrell Brothers (LB at Mizzou)
Keegan Metcalf (FB at OSU)
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$185/ 10 Sessions